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Seniors Gather for Virtual Town Hall Meeting

Every other month, KleinLife’s Active Adult Life program holds a town hall meeting, keeping seniors up-to-date on what’s going on at KleinLife. While the Pennsylvania stay-at-home order has meant that these seniors could not gather in-person, KleinLife has found a way to maintain this important source of information.

In May, KleinLife opted to host a virtual town hall meeting through Zoom. To facilitate this process, KleinLife staff reached out to seniors who struggle to use technology, walking them through the process of downloading and connecting to Zoom meeting or dialing in over the phone.

The response was overwhelming. Over 50 people participated in KleinLife’s first virtual town hall meeting, listening in and asking questions about when KleinLife will reopen and what KleinLife activities will look like when it does. Many participants expressed gratitude for the opportunity to stay in contact with KleinLife staff, hearing familiar voices, and digitally connecting with their community. Based on the success of this program, the Active Adult Life program has planned another virtual town hall meeting for Wednesday, June 17.

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