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Mural Arts with Holocaust Survivors

Pictured left to right: Alla Tseler, Vladimir Miller, Liliya Miller, Sheva Kruglikova, Alla Dorfman, Mariya Keselman-Mekler, KleinLife's Counseling & Program Manager, Sima Zaslavski, Lilina Ginzburg, Margarita Lomazova, Dora Goldovsky, Hanna Kremer, Leo Kremer, Inna Gulko, KleinLife's Director of Support Services

Over the last month, participants in the Wellness Program for Holocaust Survivors painted a beautiful, colorful wall mural and celebrated the new artwork with a ribbon cutting. During the process, the holocaust survivors were joined periodically by other KleinLife staff and community members, which helped to add to the therapeutic process (and the fun of painting together).

Vladmir & Liliya Miller, who were a part of the project from start to finish, said, “It was important to us to be a part of this. It was like going to work and that it gave us a sense of purpose.”

Lilina Ginzburg, who is 93, said, “I feel proud about my work (on the project) and I even called my friends in the Ukraine to tell them about it.” She also added, “I liked coming in to see people’s reaction and felt very connected during the entire process. Even when I needed to rest, I stayed and watched the others.”

"The cool part for me was how the participants, staff, and community members came together,” said Mariya Keselman-Mekler, Counseling & Program Manager of the Wellness Program and is a Creative Art Therapist.

We hope you'll stop by room 203 at our Northeast Philadelphia location and take a look for yourself.

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