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Local Seniors Benefit from Farmers' Market Nutrition Program Distribution

(left) Seniors are greeted and given information by volunteers. (right) Seniors wait for their checks.

The Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) provides checks to Pennsylvania's low-income residents aged 60 years or older to purchase only fresh, nutritious, locally grown fruits and vegetables from farmers within the state. For the first time since the pandemic, KleinLife, with the help of Philadelphia Corporation for Aging and the Montgomery County Office of Senior Services, distributed the programs' checks to over 800 local seniors in person.

"We were excited to bring the program back at our three locations," said Inna Gulko, director of support services and leader of distribution operations. "As far back as 2008, KleinLife has been able to give out hundreds of vouchers to seniors in need and made it convenient for those who live in the area. To get the chance to do it again is life-saving to our seniors."

Over 90% of KleinLife's clients live in households with income levels below 200% of the poverty line, highlighting the crucial role that the SFMNP plays in supporting vulnerable seniors who face financial challenges. By distributing SFMNP checks, local eligible senior recipients have the ability to redeem $50 vouchers to purchase Pennsylvania fresh produce at qualified farmers' markets or roadside stands. These vouchers serve as a lifeline for seniors to make healthier food choices while also stretching their limited resources further.

Since KleinLife began distributing vouchers in 2008, they have made using the checks convenient for their senior participants and created programs for their community partners. They have regularly hosted farmers' markets such as HayDay Farms and The Common Market at their Northeast Philadelphia location and organized trips to renowned markets such as the Reading Terminal Market and The Food Trust.

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