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KleinLife Reopens for Fitness Members

KleinLife's swimming pool was completely renovated along with other areas of the building during the months they were closed to the public.

On November 2, 2020, KleinLife reopened their fitness complex at a limited capacity after being closed for 8 months due to the pandemic. When the COVID-19 cases rose rapidly in Philadelphia soon thereafter, they were forced to close their doors again; unsure of when it would be safe to open once more.

Recently, due to the Philadelphia government mandate, KleinLife announced that they have reopened, continuing with the guidelines and protocols that were updated in the months prior. “Our top priority has always been the health and safety of all who enter our doors,” said KleinLife CEO & President, Andre Krug. “We’re excited to welcome back our loyal members to enjoy our fitness center and swimming facilities as they have previously.”

In order to ensure the safety of their members, KleinLife has implemented a members-only reservation system. Reservations are broken down into 45-minute time slots with 15 minutes for cleaning prior to the usage of the next member group. The fitness center is limited to 10 people per time slot, while the swimming pool is limited to 25 people per time slot. Members can reserve only one time slot per day due to capacity limits and each reservation must be made at least an hour before visiting. Reservations are scheduled through the main telephone number (215-698-7300).

To add to the reopening news, KleinLife has enhanced the member experience with major updates that occurred over the past 10 months. Installed in the fitness center is a new floor with several new pieces of equipment, and the swimming pool was completely renovated with a new liner and special equipment. “We appreciate our members,” mentions Krug, “and we wanted to give them something great to come back to.”

Even though KleinLife reopened to members on January 5, 2021, they have already welcomed 6 new members. As the agency’s membership community continues to grow, they look forward to operating at full capacity to everyone as soon as it is possible.

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