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Keeping Connected to Seniors

KleinLife staff is hard at work connecting with seniors from their programs to get them the services they need during the COVID-19 pandemic. Take a look at how they’re doing!

10 KleinLife employees make 850 calls to seniors every week!

Our callers have connected with over 240 new seniors with KleinLife food deliveries just in the past few weeks. Between March 10 and April 30, KleinLife has delivered a total of 21,000 meals to 550 seniors.

During each of our calls, our staff checks in with seniors on how they’re feeling, physically and emotionally. When necessary, we refer our seniors to healthcare providers who can serve them via telemedicine.

KleinLife has begun offering talk therapy over the phone to seniors, helping them to manage their anxiety and depression during the pandemic. Available in English and in Russian, KleinLife has offered 170 talk therapy sessions to 58 seniors since March 16.

We need your support to continue this work! You can learn more about donating to KleinLife at

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