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Introducing KleinLife at Home

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

"Our lessons haven’t stopped since we closed and our teachers and parents have played an intricate role in making this happen." – Victoria Faykin, KleinLife Vice President

KleinLife is closed to the public but we continue to provide enriching education to our students. Our STEM program is offered via Zoom every day during the week where children learn about math, electric circuits, combinatorics, and advanced English. Our Jewish Children’s Sunday School also operates virtually so close to 70 children can continue to learn Hebrew, Jewish holidays, and strengthen their Jewish identity. Shout out to our amazing teachers who make this possible: Chase Middleman, John Hosgood, David Volchonok, Leah Thomas, Abby Blank, Margarita Zelfon, Suzanne Kronstadt, Dylan Rossin and Victoria Faykin.  And a special shout out to Rita and Yana Faykina for technical support, as well as the parents of the students.

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