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Grab & Go Meals Site at KleinLife

Above Photo: KleinLife staff about to distribute Grab & Go meals. (l-r) Sharon Kaplan, Andrea Kimelheim, Ben Toledano, Harrison Rothbaum, and Inna Gulko. Click here to watch a video of the Grab & Go Meal Site program operation in action.

Over the past several months, KleinLife has stayed a constant food source for local seniors affected by the pandemic. Many of the individuals that participated in the congregant meal program signed up for the Home Delivered Meals program in order to ensure they would receive nutritious meals while being isolated in their homes.

In order to continue serving as many seniors as possible, KleinLife has been identified as a Grab & Go Meal Site, a program provided by Philadelphia Corporation for Aging, at their Northeast Philadelphia location. The Grab & Go Meal program allows seniors to pick up 5 catered meals per week in a drive-thru operation once a week for free. And just outside Philadelphia at KleinLife: Montgomery County, the process mirrors its sister site in order to reach more seniors beyond the city limits.

The program has grown quickly with 425 meals being picked up by 85 seniors. While the pandemic continues, KleinLife fights hard to ensure seniors are less food insecure.

Click here to see a video of the KleinLife staff in action with the Grab & Go Meal Site program.


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