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Farmers’ Market Continues to Grow

Click here to see the Farmers' Market in action.

Before the pandemic, KleinLife’s Farmers’ Market was a vital resource for seniors who weren’t able to travel to the supermarket on their own and for the community to have a place to purchase fresh produce at a low cost. For convenience, it would operate at its Northeast Philadelphia location where it harvests bountiful fruits, vegetables, and assorted greens in the growing spaces around the perimeter of the building.

Over the summer, KleinLife reopened its’ market with no telling if customers were going to feel safe enough to leave their homes to shop. John Eskate, the markets’ manager, made certain that CDC guidelines were to be followed with customer safety in mind. “Everyone has been asked to wear a mask and social distance,” said Eskate. “We also have enforced the rule of not touching the produce. The customers have been trusting us to give them quality fruits & vegetables.”

The market was also concerned about its revenue. About 80% of its revenue was coming from the Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) vouchers. Since seniors have been isolated in their homes and most without transportation, it was uncertain if the vouchers would be used as they have been in the past.

Since April, the market continues to see an uptick in weekly customers, as well as in the usage of vouchers. KleinLife now serves about 70 community members purchasing fresh produce per week! It will continue to stay busy until its’ final day of the 2020 season on Wednesday, November 25.

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