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An Interview with KleinLife's Chairman

Click here for Steve's interview with President & CEO, Andre Krug

Stephen B. Klein has been Chairman of the Board at KleinLife since 2009 when the JCC's of Greater Philadelphia had disbanded and Klein JCC (now KleinLife) was poised with the challenge of whether or not it would survive as its own agency.

At that time, Federation…agencies…were divested, Klein JCC; it was going to be on its own and I was approached by several board members to get active and become its Chair.

Stephen stepped up to carry on his parents' legacy, Raymond and Miriam Klein, who helped build KleinLife from the beginning in 1975. Over the past 45 years, KleinLife has grown from a "gym & swim" to an agency that rises to the occasion when its community needs it the most. Stephen recognizes this and more in his interview with President & CEO, Andre Krug.

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